Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the same course over again for double the credit?

You can use the course only once per IA renewal year. A separate purchase will be required for each year.

How long will it take to get my certificate?

Once you complete a class and pass the exam, you can print your certificate. We recommend printing it at the time of completion.

How can I access my certificate after passing the exam?

After passing a class & exam, the class title, credit hours and a small certificate icon will appear in a list in the right column of the "My Account" page. Click the corresponding icon to re-download the certificate at any time.

Are these the same classes as last year?

Some are. As our seminar series continues, more classes will be made available and new material will be added. You can take the same class again for next year's renewal.

I'm not an IA. Can I still take these classes?

Of course! Any maintenance professional is welcome to do so.

Will my local FSDO recognize this as approved training?

Yes. The certificate will have a nationally-recognized approval number on it.

What happens if I fail the exam? Will I have to retake the entire class?

No. You may review the class or any portion of it as many times as necessary. You can then retake the exam until you pass.

Why are DAC classes beneficial and easy to learn?

DAC classes are available to industry professionals from anywhere in the world where internet access is available. Anytime, day or night.

Because they get to the heart of the material, providing the essential information.

What are the advantages to learning online with DAC?

DAC classes reduce loss of production by being available after hours, during breaks, at home, on business trips. Classes need not interrupt production. A simple, cost-effective means to comply with FAA training requirements.

DAC classes are designed for the individual. Internet learning can proceed at each individual's pace.

Internet learners may take the required class(es) as many times as desired until he/she feels confident to take the exam, and passes with a 70% grade. Once passed, the student receives a Certificate of Attendance for his/her training records.

Internet learning is quick and effective. Internet learning is a faster and more effective method of retention.

Why are Attendance Certificates of importance?

For the FAA Repair Station: Training Certificates are proof of compliance with FAR 145.163, which requires acceptable documentation of training to the FAA.

For Inspection Authorization Renewal: FAA Approved Training Certificates meet the requirements of FAR 65.93 (a)(4) and are acceptable for IA Renewal.

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