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Each of the following class/exam units has been FAA-Certified and must be taken in a "closed-book" manner. A user may view and re-view the slideshow until he feels prepared to take the exam. As soon as the user clicks the link to access the exam, the slideshow will be closed and unavailable until the user fails the exam and re-opens the class to begin again.

category title description credit hours FAA certification
Course/Class Sample Class/Exam An abridged version of the Approved Parts class, followed by a short sample exam. For demonstration purposes. 1 None
Course/Class Approved Parts Understanding accepted traceability and documentation for FAA Approved parts 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-001, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Aircraft Airworthiness Understanding the FAA's and legal definition of the term airworthiness 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-002, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class FARs, Orders, Bulletins and Advisory Circulars Informs the technician of available information commonly not understood and looked for 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-003, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Alternate Method of Compliance Understanding the how-to of getting an Alternate Method of Compliance approved by the FAA 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-004, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Understanding what an ICA is and how to apply for or use an ICA 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-005, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class FAR Part 43 Provide techs with a working knowledge of maintenance requirements within FAR Part 43 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-006, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Field Approvals-Major Repairs-Alterations How to prepare, apply for and obtain a Field Approval 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-007, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Human Factors - Section 1 Introduction to Human Factors, covering early life decisions, choices—cause & effect, defining human errors and aircraft maintenance, along with the top seven categories 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-008, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Human Factors - Section 2 Covers "The Dirty Dozen": Pressure, recourses, lack of knowledge, awareness, lack of assertiveness, stress, fatigue, communications, teamwork and norms. 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-009, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Human Factors - Section 3 Understanding Behavioral Styles: Case studies of accidents and how human factors were involved. 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-010, Exp. 07/31/2017
Course/Class Human Factors - Section 4 Review of Sections 1, 2 & 3. 1.00 C-IND-IM-130515-K-006-011, Exp. 07/31/2017

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