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Class: Sample Test

Exam: Sample Test

1 Can a copy of the airframe logbook entry, signed by an appropriately certified mechanic, for the removal of a component from a U.S. registered Type Certificated aircraft be considered “Acceptable” documentation and traceability (True or False)?

2 Can a “Certificate of Conformity” supplied by an Aviation Parts Broker be considered “Acceptable” documentation and traceability (True or False).

3 If a part has been rebuilt, overhauled, inspected, modified, or repaired the records MUST include a maintenance release, a return to service tag, repaired tag, or similar documentation from a appropriately certified person/company. I/A/W FAR 43.9 and appendix B (True or False).

4 New parts acquired from an aviation parts broker which were purchased in new condition from the U.S. Military can be considered approved parts if:

5 FAA – PMA (Parts Manufacturing Authority) - Each PMA part must be marked with the letters “FAA-PMA”, in accordance with FAR part 45.15. Additionally which of the following markings must also be shown:

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